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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Canyon Breeze Counseling different from other counseling practices?

At Canyon Breeze Counseling, we begin seeing clients from ages 3 and above! Rather than just focusing on the child or teen, we offer parent training as part of the process. Each of our therapists are flexible and are able to change appointments from individual, to couple, to family based on the needs of the entire individual, couple, or family system. At Canyon Breeze Counseling, we offer a wide range of modalities for treatment and therapy experiences, from play therapy to CBT to ART and EMDR. 


We also accept most major insurances, offer super-billing, and make payment plans in order to help make therapy services more affordable. We have offices throughout Utah and offer in-person, as well as virtual therapy sessions.

Parents and Daughter

Does Canyon Breeze Counseling offer virtual therapy sessions?

Absolutely! We offer video telehealth sessions to clients who prefer or find it more convenient to meet online. You can call or email us to schedule an appointment for your next telehealth visit!

Does Canyon Breeze Counseling work with adults?

Yes, we absolutely do! We work with individuals of all ages and have therapists who have many years of experience in working through various difficulties with adults. We’re confident that you’ll leave with new skills and resources to help you flourish! Contact us via phone or email to get scheduled with one of our amazing therapists!

Does Canyon Breeze Counseling offer child therapy?

Yes, we do! Each of our therapists are highly trained in working with children. We provide child and teen therapy services, along with sessions for parenting. To check availability for getting your child or teen scheduled with one of our therapists, call or email us!

Does Canyon Breeze Counseling offer trauma-focused therapy?

Yes! Many of our therapists have extensive experience in working with trauma. Some of our therapists have been trained or certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and/or Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), as well as other techniques in processing through and resolving symptoms and difficulties related to trauma. Call or email us to learn more and get scheduled with one of our therapists!

Does Canyon Breeze Counseling offer couples therapy?

We certainly do! We believe that your relationship with your partner is among the most important of your life. We help couples examine their daily processes and beliefs about relationships and how those interact and influence their communication and behavior.. Call or email us to check for availability with one of our couples trained therapists!

Why come to therapy?


One of the questions we frequently receive is, "When should I consider therapy?" or "What are the benefits of therapy?" Our response to these inquiries is simple: If you're pondering these questions, it's likely a good time to seek support! We hold therapy in high regard because of its versatility in addressing various needs. Therapy serves as a valuable resource for preparing for future challenges, navigating current difficulties, and processing past experiences. We deeply appreciate the expertise of our therapists and their dedication to helping clients develop lifelong skills that extend beyond the conclusion of therapy services.

My child is coming to therapy, what do I have access to?

In all circumstances, we prioritize confidentiality. Depending on the age group, our expectations vary:

For children under 18, we strive to involve parents in addressing current stressors. We educate all clients, including minors, on the concept of confidentiality. Should any reportable issues arise, we inform underage clients that their parents will need to be notified and endeavor to include them in that discussion. Otherwise, therapy content remains strictly confidential between the therapist and the client.

As for adult children aged 18 and over, we cannot disclose any information to parents unless the adult child has authorized it through a Release of Information form. This document specifies what information the therapist may disclose to external parties. While parents may assist with session payments, they will receive third-party access to the Client Portal and only be able to view billing documents.


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