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Playful Connection Podcast

Playful Connection is a podcast dedicated to helping parents, family members, teachers, and any adults that have influence over a child or teenager to learn practical and effective ways to connect with children and teens using therapeutic techniques inspired by play therapy. This podcast will have several research-based tips that are short, simple, and to the point. The goal of this podcast is to keep things simple and applicable, especially since we all live in a busy world that moves quickly and where time is of the essence. These tips may appear small and simple; however, they are powerfully impactful in the lives of children and teenagers.

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My Story

My name is Eddie Shin and I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist! I specialize in working with children, teens, parents, and families and I absolutely love what I do! My favorite part of my job is when a client has been able to find more meaning in life and become the best version of themselves. It's truly a transformational moment! They oftentimes will find this as they work on connecting more with their own family and their own selves. Developing that connection takes effort, but it is definitely worth it!


I believe wholeheartedly that connection is crucial in a child's emotional and physical development. As we use their first language of play, we can better connect with the children and teens in our lives.


I'm so excited to go on this journey throughout this podcast to share some research-based insights, as well as some insights from my professional experience regarding how to playfully connect with the children and teens in your life!


I would absolutely love to hear any questions that you have, topics you'd like to get addressed, or any success stories that you have!


Tune in every Monday morning for a new episode!

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