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Parenting 101

Parenting 101 is four, 2-hour sessions either in-person OR over Zoom. This course will teach you how to understand yourself, your kids, and have the tools you both need to be healthy and successful in life. The goal of this course is to help parents who feel lost and are struggling to find ways to better support their child and to have tools to help them navigate the complex world of parenting. 


The course will have 4 units focused on teaching how kid's brains work, how adult's brains work in response to kids, how to connect with your children and finally how to use that connection to facilitate teaching and healthy consequences. Classes will be both educational and interactive. If you have to miss a session because of vacation or sickness, the course will run again in the future and you can sit in on the missed unit at that time. 

Cost is $400/couple or $250/individual. 

No dates currently scheduled.
Contact us below if you're interested in scheduling a parenting course session. 


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